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Jeremy Hsu

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I'm a Product Designer with 2 years of experience provides B2B services in bike industry ,and now working as a freelancer in Product design and User experience research in Taiwan. Recently , I've worked with a startup company using UX techniques to help them to develop their business model including the target customers, killer user experience, and the new meanings for customers.

An adaptable professional who specializes in dynamic design works, strategic communications, different parties collaboration, and project management.

I have a successful record of designing a product that receive good reviews and lead projects and team to achieve customer's goal.


Create Meaning to User Experience

I believe a meaningful user experience can make a nice balance between user and business.

Advocate user to connect the product in context, and support business to achieve their goals

Design from Research and Analysis

As a Product Designer, I accomplish this through talking to real user and stakeholder to know both side needs.

To communicate ideas though deliverables like personas, user journey map, sketch, and prototype.

Strategic & Tactical thinking

In product development, strategic thinking can help the team to remember business goal, stay on the track.

And Tactical thinking can eliminate the roadblock during the development

Collaborate with cross-functional team 

Being able to communicate with cross-functional teams is important to a product success.

Coordinate projects and share the understanding through the whole project members.

Prioritise in fast-paced situation

Not everything is equal important.

To prioritise tasks not only can help me focus on what is the most value to business and also create a harmony in the team environment.

Value added in Team environment

Building the team company needs by interviewing different position including graphic designer, project manager, and engineer

Helped them up speed and engaged into the team.


Tripo is a powerful tool that can link the experience from one to the other. Share and Creation, is just that easy!

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Redesign TRA website

Using the Google Design Sprint to redesign a website in order to optimize the experience of booking a ticket.

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D-Bike is a great bike that you can have fun with your kids, it's a new perspective of the push bike.

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Bike development

Having a two years B2B experience in bike development which let me understand how to provide the value to client and even to end customer.

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