D-Bike is my senior year project in college, I put all four year learning into this project, and also fortunately I won a Reddot award which is one of known design competition in that year. it helps me to learn a product development process in real world which I've had to collaborate with factory side and their engineers.

User & Environment Friendly

Almost all the components of D-Bike are made from reinforced honeycomb cardboard.

They are all punched out from a pre-cut card board sheet.

Kids & Parents engaged

Parents and their kids work together to assemble the bike, enhancing the parent-child relationship in the process.

And the intention is also that kids will learn from the assembly process.

Create your own decals

Kids can create their own drawings on the provide self-adhesive paper, and stick them on the each side of the bike.

More than just fun

A unique bike is create!! the kids have themselves a nice ride.

They will gain the confidence and have fun during the creation and also assembly.