Push bike is a fun bike for the kids, and sometimes parent ride their bike with kids together. The purpose of this research is to find the cut-in point of kids bike. To start this project. the details of this process are as above.


A M Fredriks, W J M van Heel, J M Wit
Nationwide age references for sitting height, leg length, and sitting height/height ratio, and their diagnostic value for disproportionate growth disorders 29 April 2005

To study the human factors of children can be very helpful when we design a kids bike and consider how to use some module elements to fit their needs


Push bike has a good reputation for kids to learning the bikes,and here is the matrix of some current products in the push bike market which is for urban use.

As we see the result of analysis, we want to create a product to fit the market which's lack of more cool looking push bike and also more eco-friendly design.

What do Kids need to have fun with their bikes?

Proper Fit

Our target user is a 2~5 years old kid,
it's important that kids can fit into bike perfectly in order to have ultimate fun with bikes.

Easy to ride

more easily to learn how to ride, more fun they can get.

Cool Stylish

the first thing kids will love is the out looking of their bikes, and they would like to show off around their bikes to their friends

How can we address the needs of the Kids?

Custom sizes

Use the module design to create a flexible fitting to kids which target to 2~5 years old kids.

Quick learning

the bikes can provide the best learning experience for kids who have zero experience of riding.

Design by kids

it will be nice kids can create the stuff during this age. and it will be awesome that they can ride on it.

What do Parents want for the Bikes of their kids?

light weight

Parents can carry the bikes for kids easily

Safety for kids

safety is the top priority for parents, it's crucial that kids can have fun and be safe at the same time.

Value over time

Extend the product life cycle and add the influence of the bike which parents consider when they purchase a bike for kids.

How can we address the expectations of the parents?

Material choice

Choosing the light weight and eco-friendly material is important to parents

Design for Safety

Ideally using a frame itself to protect kids while they're falling down

Transfer Value

When kids didn't using the bike, it also can be different form to add value.