Why I doing this?

Recently Taiwan railways administration are re-building the major train station in order to integrate
transportations in the cities and improve life quality of the citizen and tourist. Since 2005, Taiwan government has been working on TRA Rapid Transit Systematisation, the hardwires have been upgraded with modern looks, but the software such as online booking system in the train station and online booking site of TRA haven’t been changed for decades.

One day My Foreign friend was trying to book TRA ticket from their site on laptop, but during the booking process is not very consistent. and it bug him for a while to complete the task.

So I want to know how reDesign a website can help people to connect two different system, modern train station and old-school online booking system, to give them the better experience through the online-booking system on TRA site.

Process of this project

I’d like to refer some methods from google sprint which allow people solve the big problems and test new ideas in short period.

Unpack the Problems by Field Research

First of all ,In order to unpack the problem, I decided to use New Taichung Train station as a research example to execute field research on day one.

Ticket Vending Machine

There has two kinds of machine you can buy tickets from one is for express and other you also can buy ordinary.

Sign in the stations

Recently the Taiwan Rail Administration have improved the hardwire by using the new sign in the station.They using yellow, black, white as main color.

Time Tables

The information on the time table you can see on your ticket is train number and depart time. it can be useful on the ticket design that can help people to link the dot.

Heuristic Evaluation on Current Site

Current site map

here we can see the IA is not using same metaphor with the group once you dig into the content. Like Rail guide can be rearranged below About TRA, and also contact information should be on Contact.

Booking process

Usually people use TRA to book the ticket as a major task, just few will use as a tool to plan their trip unless you are planing a train trip. Therefore, easy to book a ticket is the top priority of the function of this site. Here is the step you have to take if you're trying to purchase the ticket online on TRA site

  • 1. it shows 4 different language which didn't contain current language.
  • 2. The function of icon is to change the font size, From the user perspective , it didn’t provoke that action when they want to scale the font size.
  • 3. it uses scrolling text to show latest News, but it didn't help user to know better about their task
  • 4. it's difficult that foreigner will know which station on which subline or area.
  • 5. it didn't have the right metaphor of the tasks that user wants to complete, same as the navigation bar.
  • 6. Here doesn’t have the priority of the information that should be displayed to user
  • 7.t didn't say what these icons mean until end of page.
  • 8. At the first time ,users have to guess the meaning of this icon is to buy a ticket. but it’s not quite obvious
  • 9. Breadcrumb bar jumps from "ticket>timetable" to "ticket>booking online", it’s not a right way to show users where they are.
  • 10. It shows irrelevant photo which didn’t help user to complete their task.
  • 11. The terms are different from the booking panel, and it didn't show the time you just selected ,instead it shows the Train number.
  • should align with the other form
  • 13. The breadcrumb bar is missing on this page
  • 14. Still no priority on information.
  • 15. It jumps to another page
  • 16,17 .Here is the payment stage, it doesn't have to ask user to do the task again.

How we might...

connect the online and
offline experience

we can use the color or form of ticket to connect with online site.

it can enhance the identity of TRA.

streamline the
booking process 

Current site is inconsistent, so streamline the booking experience is crucial for this site to succeed.

let people find the
information they need

IA is not clear enough to people want to find the information. redesign the layout of this site and recategorize the item will be very helpful for users.