Finding on Test

Get the ticket

From the test, some people would like to ask how to get the ticket at 7-11 which in Taiwan you can do almost everything at there.

On prototype, I used the common TRA ticket instead of 7-11 ibon ticket.

But they would like to be informed that how many way of getting the ticket by video instruction

Pick a seat

Current website doesn't have this feature which can allow you to pick seats, people love this idea.

Another thing they want to know is which seat has the best sight.

some one loves mountain and some one loves sea. if you are able to choose the side , more likely you will enjoy your trip.

Pay it later

some users of TRA site don't have credit card to pay online, and they want to pay at 7-11 or TRA ticketing.

Alternative, we can add a status before "checkt out" that ask user which payment they want to proceed.

Learning from this

Through this experience I’ve discovered how design can really make a site better from different respective. Regardless the process of booking a ticket or trying to find a TR pass info on the website, even it's a minor task, on the careless-design website, it can be tremendous difficult to use.

It’s also my first time running the design sprint even though. I found fast-paced that you have to focus the real issue and prioritize the major task. Through this process however, I came to appreciate the crucial importance of efficient scheduling and flexibility. And I always want to try different methodology to solve the problem we face.

I hope to continue to grow in this aspect through my work, development and  relationships in the coming projects.