Concept sketches of ideas

Let us know you better

When system knows the users needs, it might provide more accurate info they wants.

When you first time log into the App, it will get two main criteria from user, one is "where", and second is "interests"

like mindmapping, when you select one location or interest, app will provide you most related locations or interests for you to pick

Spot trigger-blog or post

People used to review someone's journal or blog to find the spot they want to go.

once you get the reviewers' attention, they want to know more about your trip.

Various way to navigate

Sometimes you find travelers have same taste like you, you will want to know where they've been to.

Also people want to know more than one review of this spot ,most of them are attracted by photo first, and then decide whether save or not.

Connect offline experience

My assumption is a quote or stance can provoke traveler to read the book from different perspective to this area or this trip

most important thing is connect the dot between hardware to software.

When you create a media, you can select the quote from some book the system handpick by your interests

Collages make your life easier

Once you take a photo, with some caption or quotes , it will help your content richer.

Furthermore, you're not just taking photo with words , you're preparing a collage for your trip journal.

just need to select the photo you need,
then automatically you have photo and writing in one tap.


Via the research and sketches, knowing the target user goals and needs, to design a first prototype to test out that idea is validated or not ,which includes two parts, before the trip and after. First part is exploring spots in certain area, and the other is make a notes/Journal after a day or a trip.

TEST out the hypothesis

with paper prototype

Scenario Setup

I test this prototype with 5 end users with a set of paper prototype and record the process by video. the prototype itself is not quite usual like regular paper proto, because I would like to test the "quote" feature and how's people will respond by seeing the real quote and writing from real book.

Participant's role is a coffee enthusiastic who love to travel to find a coffee and coffee shop.

Today is the day he/she wants to plan a trip to Taipei to find the most interesting shop there.

here are three tasks I want participant to accomplish.

1. save a shop he/she would like to go
2. take a photo in coffee shop to create a post
(in this context, I asked one of my friend who is a coffee shop owner to pretend working as my prototype photo which is his I took from the other day.)
3. create an article after taking a photo


At the beginning, I priorities map feature in TriPo, so I designed the profile icon like a map.The other map icon on the top right didn’t provoke participants to tap that much when they want to go to map mode,some of them tap the spot mark icon instead. furthermore, the footer right user’s profile is confusing to the participants

Some participants think heart shape icon is save the spot, in order to eliminate this confusing, I alter to a pin icon to create a consistency about this action, in the map mode and article page is the same icon to encourage user to save the spot.

the quotation didn’t link to book brief, it’s hard for participant to understand what context the writer said or feeling things. And participant only can pick the quotes from creating a post, the process isn’t fit into user’s mental model.

the collage feature has a good feedback, but sometimes participants want to review not just one photo and a quote or caption, according to their behaviour, when they browse on blog or travel site, there has two way they expect, one is one spot has lots of details ,the other is more journal like post which contains several days spots with few details of spots.


According to findings from test, rearrange the task flow and some function that user didn’t know how to do or didn’t add value for user during the task.